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Delivery & Pick-up Service

Optional delivery service is available for orders of $100.00 rental value or greater, with cost based on location. You may request the dates of delivery and pick up. You may also request a "by time" or an "after time" between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. While we want to accommodate all requests, the frequently high volume of deliveries requires us to manage the order of our stops in such a way that we can serve all our customers in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost. When we reach our expected capacity, we may need to deliver during the days preceding the requested time or pick up later than desired. Events that require exact time, after hours, or same-day, round-trip service may be charged additional fees.


What does deliver and pick-up service include?

Standard delivery and pick-up charges are for curbside service and a reasonably short distance. An additional charge may apply for steps, elevators, or significant distance that must be navigated at the event venue. Customers are asked to advise us, in advance, of any anticipated challenges so that we can budget the necessary time and labor to accomplish the job without jeopardizing our service to others.

Do you offer additional set-up and take-down service?

Items that require assembly such as tents, stages, and dance floors, generally include set up and take down in the rental fee. For an additional fee, set-up and take-down service can also be arranged for tables, chairs, and a few other items. Arrangements for this service should be made in advance, as it is subject to the availability of labor.

FAQ: What time will my rental arrive?

Delivery and pick-up schedules cannot be completed until all orders are finalized, and therefore are not attempted until after we close on the preceding day. Unfortunately, even after we stop accepting orders, late changes to existing orders and other unexpected events frequently cause a shuffling of the delivery runs. You may call our store at any time on the day of delivery, and we will make a sincere effort to estimate the time of our arrival, based on the information that is available at the time of your call.